Lisbon has a variety of hotels ranging from 1 to 5 stars. We have contacted several hotels nearby the conference center, with varying degrees of service and comfort. The room rates (incl. breakfast and taxes) shown in the following list are only indicative (i.e., without any trading and negotiation), but many more are available nearby the conference center at similar prices for equivalent categories:

Overview of suggested hotels for your stay during Eurographics 2016.

Hotel Single room Double room
Myriad by Sana Hotel Hotel 5* by request by request
Olissipo Oriente Hotel 4* EUR 115.0 EUR 125.0
Tivoli Oriente Hotel 4* EUR 115.0 EUR 125.0
Tryp Lisboa Oriente Hotel 4* EUR  91.0 EUR 101.0
Vip Executive Art’s Hotel 4* EUR  64.0 EUR  74.0
Olissippo Saldanha Hotel 4* EUR  120.0 EUR 130.0
Altis Park Hotel 4*  EUR  67.0 EUR 77.0
IBIS Parque das Nações Hotel 3* EUR  75.0 EUR  160.0
Youth Hostel Parque das Nações EUR 41.0

All above rates given without guarantee. Hotel booking charges are in EUROS, limited room capacities apply.


Hotels can be booked through the registration form, but hostels should be booked directly. If you need additional information on this subject, please contact Mrs. Madalena Almeida by e-mail, by skype (pco.abreupco) or by phone (+351 21 415 6121).

Please specify that you are participating at the Eurographics 2016 to benefit from the special prices.

Viagens Abreu, S.A.(RNAVT 1702)
Av. 25 de Abril, 2 | 2799-556 Linda-a-Velha | Portugal

Att: Madalena Almeida
Tel: +351 21 415 6121
Fax: +351 21 415 6383
SKYPE: pco.abreupco

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