Call for European Projects Demos

The Eurographics 2016 Conference and Exhibition is your opportunity to gain visibility for your project results, being technologies or services, and to further disseminate such results to the most prominent companies, entrepreneurs and researchers in the field, as well as to funding agencies, business angels and venture capital. We would like to invite your project consortium to become part of Eurographics 2016 by presenting your EU-project results in this event, and we offer the following package, in return for the payment of 1.500 €:

-Promotional materials of your EU-project to be included in the participant’s bags;
-Five-minutes presentation slot in EU-Project fast forward session;
-Booth with 2x3m in the Exhibition Hall for the whole duration of the conference.

Note that, while one person will be granted access to the venue as an exhibitor, no free registration is included in this package. All team members that wish to participate in the event are welcome, but should register via the website ( Registration fees start at 350 €.

For further details about sponsoring opportunities, the reader is referred to the following web link:

Submission Details

The submission should be sent to the industrial seminars chairs by email (, in form of a one page PDF, stating the intention of your consortium of having an EU-Project demonstration booth, the project acronym, name, reference and web site, and all required billing information. In response, an exhibitor invoice will be issued by the Eurographics 2016 organizing institution.

The deadline for submission is February 26th, 2016.

Decision about acceptance will be notified on March 4th, 2016.

For further information please contact the industrial co-chairs at

Industrial Program Chairs

Miguel Sales Dias, Microsoft, ISCTE-IUL, Portugal

Xiaomao Wu, Smartisense GmbH, Germany