Doctoral Consortium


  • Partial 3D Shape Retrieval
    Flora Ponjou Tasse

  • Sampling with AA Patterns
    Abdalla G. M. Ahmed

  • Enhance user immersion in tele-presence and tele-operation applications
    Luís Almeida

  • Deriving better parameters for crowd simulation during emergencies using game-captured data
    Marco Castorina

  • Real-Time Weathering of Urban Materials
    Imanol Muñoz-Pandiella

  • Sketch Based Interaction for Procedural Modelling of Buildings
    Diego Jesus

  • Immersive Mixed Reality Systems for Therapy Support
    Bruno Patrão

  • Fully-Automatic Creation of Compact, Textured 3D Mesh Representations
    Max Limper

  • Interactive Ray Tracing of Heterogeneous Geometry
    Orlando Pereira